Our Wedding Providors

We prefer where possible to work with our recommended Wedding Celebrants. We have hand picked them as they are known to be the best and most flexible Celebrants on The Sunshine Coast Hinterland. They also understand how we work, so it’s an arrangement that works well. They also don’t play the rip off game…You may of course find your own Celebrant if you wish, but we’d rather you use Tim or Debra.

Please feel free to contact Debra Kruk on 0412 409614 or Tim Abbott Celebrant on 0402 842938, or email Tim at  yourbigdaycelebrants@gmail.com

Tim is located locally and Debra is in Brisbane.

Wedding Photographers 

On the swing

On the swing

Choose your wedding photographer carefully.
We can highly recommend Sue Reilly at http://suereillyphotography.net/

Mob number is 0411 312 412 email address is suze_reilly@aapt.net.au